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New 2018 Ego LM2002 (LM2002)

Ego 20 inch Walk-behind Electric lawn mower with 5.0 AH Battery and 550 watt charger (fast charger). This mower is quiet and powerful. It has plenty of battery capacity to mow a large corner lot on one charge. Batteries from other Ego power equipment are fully exchangeable and can be used to power any Ego equipment.
  • Easily folds up for storage
  • Bag, Side discharge, or mulch capable
  • No gas to go bad
  • No oil to change or mix.
  • 20 minute charge time
  • No difficult starting procedure

Picture of 2018 LM2002
Ego 56V 20 in. Push mower

Engine: 3 HP No Engine Electric
Fuel Capacity: None gal.
Mower deck: 20" cut
Transmission Type: None
Trans Brand/Model: /
Retail: $499

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