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New 2017 Grasshopper 327EFI (534169)

Electronic Fuel Injection Grasshopper mower. Delphi-based, closed-loop, Electronic Fuel Injection (EFI)just like what is in your car. EFI provides better fuel economy and longer engine life. The 327EFI costs only slightly more than the comparable carbureted engine. If you use your Grasshopper for more than average use, EFI will most likely save you money over the long haul.

*Rear disharge decks are available in all sizes.

Picture of 2017 327EFI
327 EFI Grasshopper mower

Engine: 27 HP Kohler Command EFI
Fuel Capacity: 11 gal. gal.
Mower deck: 72" cut
Transmission Type: hydrostatic
Trans Brand/Model: HG/Parker / G2
MSRP: $12890

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