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New 2017 Grasshopper 226V (534079)

The Grasshopper 226V is a Grasshopper mower designed for the consumer but built with Grasshopper quality components. It has a Briggs and Stratton Commercial Turf engine. (The 225V is available with a Kohler Confidant 25 HP engine) Large tires front and rear for a smoother ride. Heavy duty mower deck that gives a smooth quality cut. Comfortable high back seat and easy to reach control levers make your time on the lawn comfortable. Heavy duty pump and wheel motor drive system will last for years of hard use.

Your choice of 52 or 61 inch decks.

*Rear disharge decks are available in all sizes.

Picture of 2017 226V
Grasshopper 226V MidMount M2

Engine: 26 HP Briggs & Stratton Commercial T
Fuel Capacity: 12 gal gal.
Mower deck: 52" cut
Transmission Type: pump/wheel motor
Trans Brand/Model: Parker / H1
MSRP: $8415

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