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Detail for 1997 White Unknown

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Horsepower: 6.5   Size: 40   Price: $349

Frame Model: LC25  Serial No.:
Pull-behind leaf collector with Briggs engine. This collector can be adapted to almost any mower with a hitch. Has hose and boot which you can fit to any side discharge mower. You can also use it as a stand alone vacuum for picking leaves out of landscaping, etc. Actually not sure of model year but have to put something so this is our guess.

Engine: Briggs & Stratton 15T846
Transmission Type: none
Trans Brand/Model: n/a n/a
Fuel Capacity: 3 qts.
Price: $349

We do not ship used mowers due to insurance concerns with freight carriers. We will only ship mowers if the purchaser consents to bear all risk of damage in transit. We have had mowers get damaged in transit and no one is happy. Please contact us if you have any questions.
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