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What is your shop labor rate?
Current shop labor rate is $60/hour. This rate is subject to change without notice.
What are your service hours?
Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday from 9 - 5
Wednesday 9-4
Saturdays are reserved for servicing trade-ins except for emergencies for commercial operators
Do you pickup and deliver?
Yes. Pickup and delivery are offered for those who have no way of transporting their own equipment. You can save money and our labor resources if you have the ability to transport your own. Less time on the road allows us to keep customer's equipment in the repair process for faster turnaround. Pickup and delivery must often be done by us before or after normal working hours.
What are your pickup and delivery charges?
We charge $1.00 per loaded mile to cover vehicle costs and also the hourly shop rate for personnel. For example, if you live 15 miles from our facility, we would charge $15 for the vehicle expense plus roughly a half hour labor for the trip. Our shop labor rate is $60 per hour. The exception to this would be if we had to pick up a unit that would not start, we may have to also charge extra for the time it takes to get the unit started in order to load or the extra time it would take to winch the unit onto the truck or trailer. We feel this is the fairest system to everyone.
How do I know if I you replaced the parts you said you did?
We save replaced parts to show to the customer so that they can review them and see the wear, etc to determine if we replaced the part for a good reason. You can also see the old part to know that there is a new part in its place. We usually offer for you to take the parts with you. We will dispose of them for you if you opt not to keep them.
Do you give estimates?
Yes. We will give you an estimate based the services you are requesting. Rough estimates can be given quickly and free of charge with a range of cost. Insurance estimates, which must be accurate, will require time and materials list and will be assessed with a $25-$50 charge depending on how severe the repair. We usually do not give quotes. Quotes guarantee a price to do a certain job. Service work often exposes other issues that are not "viewable" until something is taken apart such as a worn shaft when a bearing is being replaced.
What if my charges are much higher than the estimate?
If the repair will be within the range of the estimate we will go ahead and repair the unit, show you the worn replaced parts when picked up. If we encounter an unexpected additional issue that will cause the repair bill to be above the estimated range, we will call and inform you of the situation and ask for your direction in making the repair. We will not make major changes to the repair without clearance from you. If you decide not to proceed with the repair as recommended, we will repair the unit at your direction.
What types of service and maintenance do you offer?
Major engine overhauls
Short block replacement
Engine tune-ups including crankcase vacuum checks and cylinder leakdown testing
Charging system troubleshooting and repairs
Starting system troubleshooting and repairs
Valve and seat grinding
Blade sharpening
Blade Balancing
Saw chain sharpening
Mower deck bearing and spindle replacement
Mower deck leveling
Complete mower deck service
Welding (stick or wire) No cast iron, stainless or aluminum
Oil and filter changes
Complete seasonal inspections and service including chassis lubrication
Hydrostatic transmission oil changes and filter replacements
Hydrostatic transmission neutral adjustments
Hydrostatic transmission replacements

We simply cannot list everything but this gives you an idea of what we do. Call for further questions.
Do you guarantee your work?
New parts are covered for 90 days by most manufacturers. If a problem occurs directly related to the repair performed within 30 days of repair by us and can be directly attributed to faulty installation or procedures, we will repair the unit with no charge for additional labor. We cannot guarantee repairs overridden by operator/owner abuse or improper operation which cause a recurring problem. We will fix anything which can be traced back to faulty workmanship by us.
Will you fix it while I wait?
If you have a simple repair which takes only a few minutes we will try to accommodate if possible. If you live a distance away and want to make only one trip, call ahead and we will try to set up an appointment. If upon initial assessment it is determined that the repair will take a long period of time we may request that you leave the unit.
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