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Tanaka Products - powered by Innovation

A Little History
Tanaka began large-scale production of small engines about 50 years ago. In the early 1960's, Tanaka produced the world's smallest 2-stroke utility engine.

In the 1980's Tanaka became a prominent high-quality manufacturer with a reputation for very unique features.

In 1983 the BRAIN® was introduced. A fully automatic, self-feeding line head. In 1985, Tanaka made the first 2- stroke shaft drive edger. In 1986, Tanaka introduced the first electric start line trimmer. Unfortunately, the electric start trimmer did not sell enough units to warrant manufacturing costs so it was discontinued around the year 2000.

Color coded string was a Tanaka first. Tanaka Perfect Mix oil was the first to be offered in a self-measuring bottle.

In the 1990's Tanaka produced the first pivoting rear hedge trimmer handle. In 1998, Tanaka released the first 2-stroke engine (Pure Fire) which passed the California Air Resources Board(CARB) Tier II emissions standard.

Tanaka continues to be a leader in development of quality, innovative, reliable products.

Tanaka product details:
Tanaka products

Tanaka 225C curved shaft trimmer. Straight shaft trimmers also available.
Engine Options
  • 21 cc
  • 24 cc
  • 32 cc
  • 47 cc
Cutting Heads
  • Semi-automatic(Tap)
  • Automatic(Brain)
  • Fixed
  • Weed cutting(steel)
  • Brush cutting(steel)
Drive System
  • Curved shaft(flex cable)
  • Straight shaft(7 mm steel shaft)
HP range
   1 - 2.4


  • Hedge Trimmer
  • Pruning Saw
  • Mini cultivator
  • Dual handle kit(Bull horns)
  • Shoulder straps

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